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Authors Published; Andrew Maina Books by this Author

I Am Listening A collection of short stories
Lying Under the Mound
The Great Escape Memories of Tribal Violence
Grace Onyango The Butterfly that Touched the Clouds
Obama's Bed A letter to Kisumu

News and Announcements

Kendeka Prize for African Literature – Announcement of Judges

Announcement of Judges Kendeka Prize for African Literature is honoured to announce Lucas Wafula (Kenya), Renee Edwige Dro (Côte d’Ivoire) and Remy Ngamije (Namibia) as the judges for the 2021 prize. The Panel will be chaired by Lucas Wafula. Lucas Kendekaprizeforaffricanliterature]

Andrew Maina launches two books, Kendeka Prize for African Literature.

Andrew Maina launched the books The Great Escape: Memories of Tribal Violence and I Am Listening as well as the Kendeka Prize for African Literature in Thika, Kenya on September 19, 2020. On September 14, 2019, entrepreneur Andrew Maina caused Kendekaprizeforaffricanliterature]

Kendeka Prize for African Literature

On Saturday the 19th September, we were privileged in unveiling the Kendeka Prize for African Literature. At the same ceremony we introduced the members of the Advisory Board for the Prize. The Advisory Board shall be chaired by James Murua Kendekaprizeforaffricanliterature]