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I Am Listening A collection of short stories
Lying Under the Mound
The Great Escape Memories of Tribal Violence
Grace Onyango The Butterfly that Touched the Clouds
Obama's Bed A letter to Kisumu

News and Announcements

Kendeka Prize For African Literature 2021 Awards Ceremony

Biographies of the Authors of the Short Listed Stories

Time And Bodies by Ekemini Udo Pius, Nigeria Ekemini Udo Pius is a writer whose works have been published in Writers Space Africa and Kalahari Review. He is alumni of the Wawa Literary Fellowship and loves to write fiction. He Kendekaprizeforaffricanliterature]


The shortlist for the 2021 Kendeka Prize for African Literature is announced today, Wednesday 15th September, 2021. The five stories on this inaugural short list were chosen from the list of the thirteen long listed by a panel of three Kendekaprizeforaffricanliterature]

Press Release

The long list for the 2021 Kendeka Prize for African Literature has been announced today, Wednesday, 1st September 2021. Kendeka Prize for African Literature is an initiative by Andrew Maina, a Kenyan writer through Solano Publications Limited. It aims at Kendekaprizeforaffricanliterature]